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living from love

Enjoying Who You Are, In All You Do

Fed up with making New Years Resolutions that don’t last?

Hate looking at everything that’s “wrong” in your life?

Tired of failing to turn things around with sheer willpower?

Come along to Compass Checkers this January, where we’ll show you fun ways to see your life differently, and create MORE CHANGE!

Vicki Millar and her team will present the following specially tailored workshop:

1. Ditch Will-Power For Emotion-Power

Let’s face it. We humans are emotional creatures. Pushing ourselves to change with willpower alone is a recipe for failure. Instead, you’ll learn to harness the power of your emotions to move you towards the change you want. And it’s FUN!

2. Your Blueprint For Turning Resolutions Into Realities

Forget old-style New Years Resolutions! Statistically, 80% of these fail by February.
Instead, we’ll show you a step-by-step blueprint to go from wishes to actualities.
Imagine what your “new normal” could look like in 2019!

3. The Only Motivator You’ll Need
We’ll take you through a simple mindset shift to turn last year’s good intentions into your new way of life. This powerful activity doesn’t require any willpower! You’ll go home inspired and energised to transform your dreams into reality.

Something inside you yearns to live a life that is meaningful, exciting, and overflowing with joy and love. To discover and live out your true purpose.

January is always an exciting time. The possibilities for a New Year are unlimited! Don’t settle for less than an AMAZING 2019.

YOU have the power to position yourself in a supportive environment. To create a vision of the future you want. To take the steps to make new things happen.

Join us at Compass Checkers this January and let us show you how YOU can create MORE CHANGE in your everyday life!


At each Compass Checkers workshop you can expect practical teaching, thought-provoking discussions, creative inspiration, and personal activities to bring measurable change to your real world.

The things that are hard to tackle alone become less daunting when surrounded by like-minded people on similar journeys.

Come connect with the Compass Checkers family, where we're reaching our dreams together!

If you haven't attended Compass Checkers before, register now for your FREE 'First Timer' ticket to this month's event, where we'll dream bigger than ever before.

Monthly ongoing membership (no contract): $29 per month

General Admission for non-members: $39


Thursday 7th February
7:00 - 9:00pm

Stardome Observatory
One Tree Hill Domain

Auckland, New Zealand



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