Vicki qualified as a Life Coach through the Life Coaching Institute of Australia in 2010. Since then, her warm, encouraging and enthusiastic coaching style has positively influenced people's lives both nationally and internationally. Now based in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, Vicki's experience in the performing arts enables her to bring creative solutions and practical tools to her clients, with an emphasis on clarity, confidence and action.

If you would like a FREE MINI-CHECK SESSION with Vicki (30 minute online 1:1) you can connect with her by clicking below.




If you are an Auckland resident, you can attend our monthly Thursday night events where we hear great practical, inspirational content from Vicki and her guests, check progress on our dream-plans, and strategise for the month ahead. This is an introduction to the benefits of coaching - feedback, planning, support and accountability.


For those who are truly serious about taking control of their world and designing a life they will love to live. This package includes fortnightly 1:1 online sessions with Vicki over a 3-month period, email and text support, as well as a personalised action plan for clarifying and achieving your dreams.




“Coaching really helped to clarify my goals and ambitions. Talking about my dreams brought them alive again and makes them seem more achievable.

"I was really encouraged and inspired. Vicki is very insightful and easy to talk to, she was able to shine a light on potential I didn't even know was hidden inside me.”

E.B. - London, UK




“Vicki Millar has encouraged, inspired and assisted me in finding what direction I want to take in my life. She has helped me to identify practical steps that I can take to get started in my own business. I cannot wait to get started now!”

P.C. - Brisbane, Australia


Unique in the Life Coaching industry, Vicki offers coaching services in parallel to her own thriving career, writing & composing for musical theatre, which has spanned three decades. During this journey she has identified a real need for inspiration and guidance for those seeking to bring their dreams to life. Vicki brings the experience and wisdom she has gained to her coaching clients, while actively pursuing her own passions. With a Master’s Degree in Musical Theatre from the University of London, Vicki is not only an entertaining and interactive seminar speaker, but engaging and creative in her 1:1 coaching. Having known the frustration of searching for specific life direction, Vicki is particularly passionate about helping others find their own sense of purpose.

“As I live my dream, telling stories of hope through script and song,
I love to help other people write the stories of their lives
by coaching them into a brighter future.”
— Vicki Millar