Do you feel on track?


Compass Checkers is all about staying on course for your dreams.
In the busyness of life, sometimes months and even years can slip by, leaving us no closer to the future we imagine. Through Compass Checkers, we design our lives, create clear plans to achieve our goals, and journey together to reach our dreams.
That's the life we want. That's why we're Compass Checkers. 



Compass Checkers is a personal development community that connects through monthly events (Auckland NZ), online group coaching, and exclusive individual coaching. With an emphasis on creativity in dreaming, practical action steps and a supportive community, Compass Checkers has a place for everyone who's tired of feeling bored, stuck, or lacking purpose. Ever wondered, "What am I doing with my life?"

Compass Checkers is for you.



One of the most exciting aspects of Compass Checkers is the monthly workshops run by founder Vicki Millar.
With inspiring TED talk-style content, special guest panels, creative elements and personalised activities designed to move you towards your outcomes, these evenings will help to propel you into the future you've always wanted.

Could you benefit from a supportive system to keep you on track?


Why Life Coaching?

We all want to live happy and fulfilling lives. That feeling of waking up in the morning excited to begin the day, to create and contribute, enjoying everything our wonderful world has to offer. But for too many of us, life becomes routine. We fall into habits, relationships, jobs, and most crucially, ‘thinking’ that keep us stuck. If we don't regularly pause and take stock, we can miss out on what we truly want.

Think of the Compass Checkers community like a gym for your dreams. Everyone wants to be physically healthy, and regular gym sessions lead to progress in that area. Sure, you can get fit on your own. But it can be far too easy to put off exercising for just one more week...

And think of a Coach like a Personal Trainer for your life. They help you define what you want, work with you to tailor a plan, and coach you towards your goals.

Can people design and live great lives without a coach? Of course they can. But too many people don’t.

Investing in coaching can make getting there easier, faster and more fun!